Logos are the representation of your company or product that probably get the most visibility. They are the one graphic or image that are always on the job, always communicating to your customers something about your image.

Recently while reading a book by Michael Hyatt titled Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, which addresses the issue of getting your product or company in front of your customer, he made an interesting statement: “There is nothing more expensive than a CHEAP design that doesn’t work.”

This is why time should be invested in the creation of logos. I am not the “Walmart” of logos. I spend the necessary time to create the image that my client wants, and that I think is the best to communicate the clients purposes. This takes time. Below I have listed the process:

  1. Clients ideas, thoughts, rough drawings, even if sketched out on napkin over lunch are discussed and worked through to began the process of clarification.
  2. Based on client information, I create new roughs, either in pencil or digitally to bring into focus  the fundamentals of the logo idea.
  3. These concept roughs are reviewed by client and input taken into consideration and adjustments or tweaks made to drawings.
  4. Once client has agreed to a direction as related to the roughs, digital vector art is created and several concepts complete with a couple font options are made.
  5. The various digital concepts are reviewed by client and tweaks made if necessary, followed by a “sign-off” of the final logo image. A digital file is presented to client in vector format, PSD, PNG, JPG and GIF. All work to this point is black/white.

If color version is required, additional agreement and time is required.

  • The color process is began by either defining a color scheme or using an existing color scheme provided by client.
  • The black/white vector art created in previous process is converted to RGB and color applied, creating several versions for client approval.
  • Final color version is chosen and as before, digital file is delivered to client in vector format, PSD, PNG, JPG and GIF if needed.

Since logo complexity can vary from relatively simply to very complex, set pricing is difficult. If you would like a quote for logo design, please fill out the form below, include any images that may help clarify your ideas and I will shoot you a price.

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