3D Illustration samples
See 3D Illustration samples below

This page may be a bit redundant, but I wanted to strengthen the concepts and benefits of 3D Illustration. For products, architecture, systems, assembly instructions, to name a few, there is no better cost effective method to illustrate. There is a time/cost up front in the building of the 3D models, but it pays off in the long term. Once a model or models are created, the options are almost endless.

Virtual lighting and virtual cameras in 3D space allow for multiple illustrations at multiple angles for use in Web, Print or Video. This is where the savings begin. Another benefit of 3D illustration is the clean, pristine look that can be achieved in the final images. Real world photography has a downside, especially when the product is housed outside. The elements and environment attack surfaces with discoloration, corrosion and dirt. All this can be cleaned up in Photoshop, but there the cost climbs and you still end up with one image. 3D modeling and illustration do away with these uncontrollable factors and multiply the amount of bang for the buck.