Three dimensional modeling and rendering are great tools to help companies and individuals promote their business or products. These assets can be used in Print Ads, Educational Curriculum, Magazines, Video and Web.

The animation sample below was created for FICEP, a steel production company to show the benefits of their Building Information Software, or BIM. It utilizes 3D modeling and Animation, Live video, and 2D Motion Graphics to communicate visually the superior system they have to offer.



3D Modeling and Illustration are a great way to help your customers or interested parties visualize your concepts for new products, or promote products and services you already provide. Even products and ideas that have yet to be manufactured can be created in 3D space and rendered for use in web, video and print. (In reference to new products and systems, I work under non-disclosure and confidential agreements to protect your intellectual property.)

3d modeling and rendering
See 3D modeling & rendering below

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